A recent poll indicated that almost a quarter of British adults feel stressed every day and out of 2,000 people surveyed, 59% said their life was more stressful than five years ago.

Research funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills also showed that not only are stress levels on the rise but so is the speed at which employees are now working, although well-being and productivity levels are down.



With the Summer holidays upon us this is the prefect time to take a break & chill out from our every day madness. If you run your own business or work long hours, it is especially important for you to rest, take stock and gain the clarity and focus you need to be able to do your job well -on full cylinders. We are not productive when we are low on energy, stressed, irritated and our head is too full to think clearly or sleep.


If your mind is racing at 100 miles an hour, you have a never-ending to-do list and you’re always on your laptop or phone….you need to stop, take a break and re-charge your batteries. Allowing the dust to settle you allow more creative ideas, more structured thoughts to get in as well as being mindful of your wellbeing. This short video from Headspace illustrates the point perfectly: Link Removed


relaxyouronbeachtimeIf you are planning a trip away this summer:

1. Do you really NEED to work during your down time? Will everything fall apart without you or is it just about control and not knowing how to let go? Answer honestly!

2. If you really do NEED to touch base, try to allocate an hour or two each day to check your emails & make those phone calls so that you can relax for the rest of the day or evening without having things on your mind. Once you have checked in, switch off. It may not come naturally at first but keep with it and bat away those thoughts of work and take in what you are doing right now…what can you see, smell, hear?It’s not just about relaxing on holiday though, even if it’s for 15 minutes a day, you will feel more energized for having some time out. When we give our mind a chance to rest, we can begin to digest the world around us, spend quality time doing the things we love and rejuvenate our minds and bodies.