Over my years in advertising and marketing I’ve worked with many marketing teams, but also those who’ve ‘accidentally’ acquired marketing as part of their job.

I’d say 50% of our clients hate marketing so that’s why they outsource it to us.

Some absolutely hate marketing, some have grown their business and always done the marketing themselves through habit and don’t want to stop. Some have no choice as they are way too busy working in the business.

Marketing has been rated one of the most stressful careers even for the most experienced marketers, so we really feel for these poor people who have acquired marketing as part of their remit.

So, what can ‘accidentals’ do to make their life easier?

1.      Outsource what you can. It’s much better to do your day job well and get some help to fill in the gaps where you lack knowledge and expertise. We work with lots of accidentals, and we often act as their marketing mentor to help them with the planning and creative ideas and they get on with the doing part. If you’re lucky and you have the budget, outsource the day today ‘doing’ too.

2.      Set realistic goals, targets and KPIs you can achieve with the resources you have. You can’t be doing the job of a Marketing Manager and a Sales Manager at the same time, so if sales are your main priority ensure you get that right. Too often sales is lumped with marketing and they are really two separate roles. They do need to be aligned for success.

3.      Try to attend as many marketing seminars to suck up as much knowledge as possible. There are a number of CIM events on in our Region and so many social media, digital marketing and PR workshops to choose from.

4.      Speak to other like-minded business to share their knowledge and find out how they manage their marketing, if they don’t have internal resource. They might even be able to recommend a consultant or agency who has done some good work with them.

In a meeting the other week I was asked “What’s the magic formula for effective marketing?”

I’d say it’s hard work, finding a trusted all-round commercially marketer or agency that knows their stuff with a proven track record.

It will save you time and money and you’ll wonder why you never did it in the first place.

If you’ve been lumbered with marketing and you’re struggling please get in touch, as we’d love to lighten the load and add value to your business vicki@stonecollective.co.uk