Many of us we get hundreds of emails a day. Add those emails to masses of social media, which makes it even more difficult communicating through the noise.

Printed newsletters are a good way to promote your services and products to customers, without hard selling. They are also good for building your company profile and ensuring existing customers come to you when they are ready for your product.

There are many benefits in printed newsletters and communications. Here are the ones we see as most important:

  • They are easy to pick up and dip in and out of, compared to enews might be superseded by many other emails. This longer shelf life is really important, and may be read by others too.
  • By investing money in the creation of a well-written, designed newsletter it shows your clients or customers that you really value them. This builds relationships and creates brand loyalty.

We work with our clients Michael Offord Optometrist and Carrick Financial Management. to send regular printed newsletters to their clients and patients. If you’d like any help with a newsletter or brochure – from writing articles to design, print and mailing, please Get in touch.