Award winning marketing from Vicki Stone marketingAt Vicki Stone Marketing no two jobs are the same. One minute we could be designing a website for a start-up and the next helping devise a marketing strategy to helping another recruit for a marketing graduate.

In these tough times, the marketing department is becoming irrelevant (and in some cases extinct), with more of a focus on the sales team and achieving higher sales. So, it’s not surprising that many business owners or sales people are being thrown into a ‘sales slash marketing‘ role, which is foreign to them and a hard learning curve where they simply don’t achieve. They love selling and some of them hate marketing and struggle coming up with new ideas.

So, we’re now offering clients a chance to ‘hire a marketing manager’ on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, which means it’s flexible and you can use our services as little or as often as you require.

Before starting Vicki Stone Marketing, I climbed the ladder in Birmingham’s leading advertising agencies working on many Global brands like Ford of Britain and Ford of Europe, Caterpillar, Denby Pottery, rightmove, BASS, Ordnance Survey, DfES and many more. I managed multi million pound accounts, managed the creative process making sure we got the best out of our creative teams and good ROI for my clients.

I also worked in new business sales for my previous advertising agency, winning lots of new business which led to the success of the agency and their biggest client win.

With such a solid branding and sales background, this has been echoed in our approach to working with our own clients today at Vicki Stone Marketing.

So, now we’re offering business the chance to ‘hire a marketing manager’ (i.e. Vicki Stone) for as little or as often as you like. We can do many things like:

  • Managing your website or design company for you, so we get the best out of your agency and get good results.
  • Providing fresh ideas for enhancing your marketing strategy and if you need us, getting the job done.
  • Helping you create a new fresh marketing approach.
  • Help with recruiting a graduate or intern (I’m not a recruiter, but can help with the interview process).
  • Hands on getting the work done, whether it’s formulating copy and content for your newsletter to writing a good brief for your ad campaign.
  • Work with your sales team to produce an integrated sales and marketing campaign which achieves excellent results.
  • Help your CEO/MD/Management team get a better understanding of social media (even if they don’t use it themselves).
  • Leaving you to get on with running your business.

Give us a shout today so we can have a chat about how having a ‘Marketing person’ can help you and your business.