Many businesses can say that they’ve wasted money on the wrong sort of advertising that didn’t work.


Please don’t let a bad experience put you off. It’s probably the sales rep who forced the wrong ad space onto you, or when it came down to it, the agency you chose didn’t cut the mustard after the pitch.

With this in mind I thought I’d share some pearls of wisdom from 20 years in the industry to tell you what I’ve learned about success in advertising.

Get the strategy, media and idea right from the word go.


Having a good, trusted media buyer or consultancy who can buy traditional media as well as digital is imperative, especially if it’s an integrated campaign you want to deliver. At Stone Collective we only work with the best media companies who have a proven track record, so you know you’re in safe hands and not throwing money away.

Having a show stopping, engaging idea and choosing the right media for the medium is critical.

A good ad campaign is memorable, cuts through the noise and can be recalled easily. That’s where experience is important. At Stone Collective we put together the best teams for the campaign, based on experience – many of our creatives are senior and create engaging ideas is what they’ve done for years.

Having a strong, clear Call to Action is important, whether it’s visiting a particular website link or calling a number.

Keep the copy short and sweet like we did in the ads we created for Northumbria Police below. A good advertising copywriter, clear design and good photography were all essential when we created Be the difference.

TV has changed and many smaller businesses can benefit. In the past I’ve worked with all sorts of budget sizes with celebs and £6.5m spends to smaller Regional campaigns. One thing in common, they all had good ideas which were executed well with the right blend of media.

If you are struggling with your existing ad creative or media please get in touch. Clients trust us implicitly to deliver on time, on budget with measured results.

Northumbria Police Advertising Escalator