Everyone’s definition of marketing is different. Some prefer a direct approach – picking up the phone and following up with email. For others it is raising the profile of the organisation on and offline. What marketing is effective for smaller B2B businesses?

Marketing is the promotion of businesses and/or products and creating a demand. There are so many channels in the marketing mix, it is hard to get confused and focus on the wrong marketing tools. From SEO to blogs, print and social media marketing comes in many shapes and sizes.

Here’s my top 5 tips on B2B marketing, in particular telemarketing (which many people hate doing).

  1. Cleanse your data. Check your data is compliant with GDPR and you have permission to call / email the contact. Many data companies offer an inexpensive CTPS checker to make sure the prospects you are calling are not on the telephone preference list.
  2. How many times have you been on the receiving end of a call where the telemarketer sounds scripted? Create some good talking points (or some call it a script) – but the key to opening up a quick call is to not sound scripted. Get in with the benefits straight away and make sure you name-drop some of the other companies you work with.
  3. Try to have some sort of hook or offer which your prospect would be mad not to take advantage of. Organising an event they might be interested in is always a good idea for the first call rather than a direct sales call.
  4. Make sure you diarise all Callbacks and notes from the calls in a CRM and make reference to the previous calls when you call back.
  5. Send people a follow up email (if they give you permission) with a link to your enews subscription and if they are really interested they will subscribe.

If you need any help with telemarketing please get in touch.