One of the most respected and brilliant copywriters I know raised this question lately which resulted in quite a lot of comment on LinkedIn. So what does ideation mean?

Ideation is the formation or conception of ideas by the mind. It’s the creative thinking behind the concepts or as a colleague of mine used to say “the brains behind the pretty pictures”.

In our sector it’s the thinking behind the idea that makes a big difference.

I’ve spent my working life so far working with creatives who come up with award winning campaign ideas. Having a good, well thought our brief is so important for this formation of ideas in the first place.

It all goes back to understanding and interpreting the problem or challenge and how we communicate with a good idea.

A good creative design or marketing team will know when they have a good idea and will often challenge not so good ideas. In the late 1990s in traditional ad agencies creatives were paid for ideas, whilst ‘suits’ or account handlers were paid to look after the clients (otherwise there would be no clients!). Nowadays the industry is a lot different. Nowadays a good idea is a good idea, no matter who it comes from.

Nonetheless, there are some awesome creative teams who keep coming up with brilliant ideas (they can do it in their sleep), but it’s all about getting those “brains behind the pretty pictures” right and that strategy in our multi-channeled world. Working closer with media and digital up front gives that great idea even more impact and a better chance to work.

It’s exactly how we work at Stone Collective. We bring together the teams at the beginning of the project for even better strategic thinking.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a new project or campaign, please get in touch.