We were delighted to be a finalist at this year’s North East Women Entrepreneur of the Year awards 2010 for best home based business.
So, we bought the tickets, the spotty dress, the lovely red shoes and matching handbag, got Mr S. in a tux, the kids off to granny’s, and there we’re sat, watching our ‘best bits’ on the big screen and then it’s the announcement.
And we didn’t win.
I made sure my best Oscar face was on and clapped for the winner and to be honest felt a bit gutted. With awards ceremonies, you tell yourself you aren’t going to win and if you do it’s a bonus.
Anyway, we resisted hopping in a taxi and make the most of a child-free lie-in the following morning, we decided to stick around and managed to transform the evening into a fun evening with a chance to meet new contacts.
Profiling our business and the coverage we got showing our ‘best bits’ film introduced us to lots of interesting people and businesses and as a result we’ve created some good leads for our business.
Thanks so much to Jayne Graham from Space on Tap www.spaceontap.com for nominating me for the award.

Working with Jayne and other inspiring clients makes us feel very proud of our work and how we help our clients achieve more business.
We’re looking forward to returning to the WIN awards next year and being even bigger and better than we are now.