Where do you look when you need a new dentist, pair of trainers or restaurant? Online of course. If a potential new customer feels a higher brand connection with a business, they are more likely to buy from that business.

On the other side – how many times have you forgotten to ask a customer for feedback or a review? How can you encourage more customer feedback and what can you do with that feedback?

Last week I visited a busy retail business to talk about their marketing requirements and we got onto the subject of customer feedback. Quite often the customer is half way out of the door when they remember to ask them to post a review if they are happy with the service.

When time is an issue (and it is for most people), we  recommend using some sort of short satisfaction app like survey app for instant feedback. It’s not too taxing on the customers’ time and ideal for fast moving businesses.

Lots of businesses ask for online reviews on google, facebook or TripAdvisor, and they’re not daft – they going to ask someone who they think is pleased with their product or service to fill it in. Knowing how to respond to a bad review is very important too. Our client Richard Macdonald from RCM Stocktaking wrote an excellent blog for us on the Trip Advisor effect for us which might be useful.

Listening to customer feedback to improve marketing messaging

It’s important we listen to and use customer feedback to not only improve our customer service or product, but to shape our marketing messaging for future activity. This is where interviewing a sample of your customers over the phone works, (especially if you are selling B2B). You’ll be amazed at what customers or clients reveal when talking openly and honestly to an objective interviewer, rather than the business. If you’re struggling with engaging customers to complete feedback surveys in their own precious time, a monthly prize draw might be a good way to incentivise them.

Don’t be shy to ask for feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences and if you need any help please get in touch.

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