Vicki Stone Marketing works with Digital MysteriesHaving worked in the educational sector providing digital marketing to Ordnance Survey and DfES, I was really pleased to be approached by the Reflective Thinking team to help launch Digital Mysteries, which is the collaborative thinking platform for the whole class.

Digital Mysteries promotes higher-level thinking skills and effective collaboration for groups of 2-4 students on the latest in Interactive tabletop technology and PCs with multi-mouse.

Inspired by the paper-based Mysteries learning tool, Digital Mysteries was created by Reflective Thinking and uses state-of-the-art technology to help teachers run better collaborative learning tasks.

We helped the Reflective Team launch at the BETT Show and have provided all the right tools for a successful launch and marketing planning for the future.

Digital Mysteries

We’ve really enjoyed working with the Reflective Thinking team so far and even had fun ourselves playing on the interactive tabletops.

If you know any schools or teachers who’d like to take advantage of the free one-month Digital Mysteries trial please visit where you can find out more about Digital Mysteries, watch the video and download the free trial.

If you need any help with marketing an educational product or company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.