The start-up weekend involved turning an idea into reality.  The trip TAB team was formed on Friday evening after Varun had pitched his idea in 60 seconds describing the travel tab. We then worked on the idea over the weekend late into the night on Saturday evening until 5am (to get up at 8!) in Archie’s bedroom (as the business school was closed!) preparing ourselves for the pitch to the five investors/judges at 5pm Sunday.

trip TAB team at startup Newcastle weekend

Shabia and Devang designed the logo and developed a prototype of the interface of the tablet over the weekend. Tommasso designed the website and helped Varun to crunch the numbers and primary research was carried out by reviewing the tablets currently on the market. Social media accounts were made for trip TAB whilst Archie and KahKiat went to Newcastle airport to do some vox pops on passengers and made the tripTAB t-shirts (as it was the weekend so everywhere was closed!). The progress made by the team in the 54 hours was unbelievable, and an infectious vibrant working atmosphere was created with a shared vision and common goal of what was to be achieved.

 trip TAB logo

The pitch itself on the Sunday at 5pm was done by Archie that was to last 4 minutes. as the 6th presentation to go of 12 the pressure was on. He got up there with the team behind to a pitch and couldn’t see his words! Speechless. After his opening line of are you finding flying frustrating ? which got an answer from Jonathon Goldman of a “yes”! throwing him completely off course. With the clock ticking in front of him and after 30 seconds of nothing, and not allowing his colleagues to take over, he managed to psyche himself up and battle on. The pitch was followed by 4 minutes of questions and answers to which Devang, Tommaso and Varun answered with great commercial acumen and understanding. Archie was thoroughly upset with himself for letting the team down, however after the pitches were over and the judges decided the winners…… tripTAB were awarded the Innovation Award. We couldn’t believe it, none of us knew what we had just won! And were ecstatic but completely overwhelmed, as the hard work and dedication that the team had put in over the weekend was rewarded.

The businesss.

trip TAB is an interactive tablet for in-flight entertainment. The tablet will offer rich media content including the latest films, games, TV shows, favourite magazine. When you check out when booking online you simply add the tripTAB as an extra for just £7 to hire for your journey. So when you board the plane with your boarding pass, you just show the airhostess the ticket and she hands you the tripTAB. When seated the passenger enters a unique code and then slects their language and is then able to explore the tripTAB for the entire duration of the flight.