We work with lots of businesses who have just brought on board their first Marketing Executive. This new employee might be a graduate or someone who stepping into a marketing role that they’ve never done before.

The business owner or line manager may not come from a marketing background themselves, so how can they be expected to set realistic goals and measure the progress of their new employee?

With this in mind we have developed a Kick-start marketing programme with on-the-job marketing training and invaluable mentoring to develop the marketing person’s skills and resilience. It is also aimed at giving the business owner/manager a better understanding and if needed, provide strategic marketing advice for the business, which the marketing person can take forward.

We conduct a Training Needs Analysis, followed by 1-1 and group discussions with the employer and marketing graduate or employee.

We’ll assess their needs and provide them with and on the job marketing support package to ‘get them started’ or improve their existing skills in the real world of business.

This will be supported by regular mentoring and measurement, which is invaluable for any marketer in a small marketing department. Having worked in small marketing teams ourselves, we know it’s hard to drive plans and actions forward so having the strategic advice and help in place has really helped many of our clients.

If you’re interested in our Kick-start marketing programme for graduates and new to marketing employees, please get in touch