Award winning events from Vicki Stone MarketingAt Vicki Stone Marketing we organise and host many business to business events and launches for our clients. And we’ve won an award for our events organising too. So I thought I’d share my ‘top 5 tips’ for a successful event.

1. Timing is crucial when orgasing an event. Make sure your date doesn’t clash with any other holidays or similar events. Also, make sure you allow lots of event planning time to get the event organised and give the attendees lots of notice.

2. The right venue. This is one of the most important ingredients to a good event. Choose the right location based on the number of people you want to attend, size of room, acoustics, is it easy to get to/is there a carpark? Can you negotiate any deals? Many venues will give the space for free and you pay for the refreshments, as it’s a good form of advertising for their venue.

3. Food for thought – make sure your guests are fed and watered. If it’s an event after work, will you be supplying a light bite/canapes or a full blown meal? Make sure you make this clear on your invitation. The last thing you want to do is invite people along to an evening event with no food and many of them leave early with grumbling stomachs!

4.  The right people – you really need to know whether you think your target audience would come to such an event. Try asking some of them in advance what would bring them to an event – a good guest speaker? Or a chance for some networking or are they going to learn something relevent to them? There has to be some real value to them, especially if it is a business event.

5. The correct promotion tools – you really need to think about the best way to communicate your event to your invitees. An e-invite or telephone call? A posted invitation? Do you want them to RSVP or register a space online? That way you can monitor who has replied and the likelihood of them attending. Have you got time to put that all important follow-up call? Some may get bormarded by emails and may have missed your e-invite. It’s always good to call.

If you think you need some help organising an event, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout . We’d be more than happy to take the hassle away and work for you/along side you and your team to help create a successful event.