I was recently asked by a small business “How do we get marketing right – is there a magic formula?”

There’s no such thing as a magic formula, as every client and product or service is different. So I replied with the comment “An experienced B2B marketing consultant who understands what you’re trying to achieve and one who isn’t a textbook marketer, but a good salesperson themselves.”

The key to successful marketing is strategy, choosing the right media / marketing mix, creative execution and measurement.


Learning from your customers and understanding your prospects is really important. There’s no point in organising an after work networking event for HR professionals, as they want to get home. Likewise busy IT managers often start work mega early and are often finished early keen to get home to their family. Make sure you check-in with your customers on a regular basis to ask them what sorts of things are high priority for them, what are their challenges as a business or department. Then deliver something they can relate to (and take value from).

Choosing the right media / marketing mix

Choosing the right media or marketing tools for delivery is imperative for success. For events build in enough time to build invite lists and get data checked. For media, you’ll know your target audience and what they read/see/do. So if you’re selling new homes in Northumberland – bus backs or a poster campaign at local rail stations can work well to raise awareness hand in hand with some targeted facebook activity or an advert on AdSmart

Creative execution

Make sure your creative concept is understood with no explaining. Remember, less is more so avoid waffly copy and don’t try to cram lots into advertising as the message will just get lost.


There’s no point in spending any money on marketing if it can’t be measured. If you’re organising a B2B event, it’s how many bums on seats. You will need a marketing / events consultancy to chase people and really ‘sell’ the concept of the event, warming the prospect up before they receive their invitation.

For a newsletter it’s how many people open, but more importantly click the links to pages on your website or a booking link to an event you’re hosting.

There are no secrets in successful marketing apart from experience.

With so many marketing consultants out there it can be hard to choose the right one for your business. Clients choose Stone Collective because we’re not textbook marketers. We good at sales and marketing, which means we’re more driven to get better results for our clients. We’ve also been in the business for over 20 years now, which means we’ve pretty much worked in every sector in all media and marketing trends.

Clients like Northumbria Police, HLA Services, Michael Offord Optometrist and Carrick Financial Management have trusted us to deliver on time, on budget, with good results. See some of our case studies.

If you need any help with marketing projects or the day to day heavy lifting work please get in touch.