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If you considering a rebrand or a website redesign in 2018, you may be researching the latest trends to give your website that “fresh” look.

At Peacock Carter, we’ve been designing websites since 2006 and love that we work in an industry which changes so fast. What are our predictions for web design trends in 2018, then?


  1. More varied typography for the web

Typography has traditionally been restricted to sans-serif fonts (more rounded characters) on the web. This is because they tend to be easier to read on a screen, whereas printed material tends to be easier to read when using serif fonts. We think 2018 will see a broader range of serif fonts used on the web as font foundries release more digital-friendly serif typefaces.

Typography on the web used to be really boring – the same 3 fonts. Google came along with Google Fonts, which made it really easy to make use of a wider range of fonts in your website design.

  1. Vibrant colour combinations

We’re expecting more unusual colour combinations to be big in 2018. The flat design trend saw solid blocks of colour creating a simple, clean experience for users. We think 2018 will see greater use of colour and texture in designs to create a richer visual appeal.

Just beware contrast issues – some users with colourblindness can struggle with red/green and other combinations, and users with learning difficulties can find it hard to focus on content with patterned backgrounds.

  1. Even better mobile experiences

Mobile Internet use has steadily increased since the launch of smartphones, and website designers have been working to provide better experiences for users on websites ever since. But many websites still provide a poor experience for users on smartphones; hard to navigate, and forms requiring endless fields of unnecessary information to be completed.

Does my website need to follow these trends?

An important question to ask is: does your website need to follow these trends to be successful? In a lot of cases, the answer is going to be no. These trends may not last long, whilst your website’s lifespan is likely to outlast them. At Peacock Carter we advise clients to consider their key call to actions (i.e., what you want your website to do for your business), and try to avoid adding features which will get in the way of your visitors – and potential customers – performing those actions.