What is storageshepherd.com?

Storageshepherd.com is an online platform which allows people with spare space in their home, office, shed, garage, driveway etc. (basically any spare space) to rent it out to people looking for storage or car parking space. Following in the sharing economy, Storageshepherd.com aims to disrupt the self-storage industry in the same way as Airbnb, Uber and Blablacar have disrupted their respective industries.

The platform allows people to make money from their unused space (around £1,800 per year for a spare room), whilst also allowing people to find secure city centre storage and car parking for cheaper. There are over 58,000 self-storage warehouses worldwide so Storage Shepherd is a perfect sustainable solution to such a growing demand for self-storage.

Security is at the heart of everything we do. That is why we have many security features such as included insurance cover, integrated profile and review systems and identity verification checks.

How did it all begin?

Max Haydon was a student at Newcastle University, and he was forced into using self-storage warehouses in his first year due to the fact that University Halls of Residence contracts end in June. As he was originally from Leicester, he was unable to take all of his possessions home and he found the service to be expensive and located very far out of the city.

He then continued his University experience and moved into a student house, in which most housing contracts tend to be 12 months long. The 12-month housing contract ties students into paying rent over the Summer holidays, although they are not in the house. Max began to rent his room out for storage space and it was only then that he realised that this could become a legitimate way for people to make money from their unused space. Max said;

“Everyone has unused space somewhere. Whether it be a cupboard under the stairs or a spare parking spot on their driveway. This is just a way for people to make a bit of extra income with very little work.”

Jeffery Widjaja was an International student at Newcastle University as well. He knew he wanted to be part of a start up, but he didn’t know what to do. It was only when faced with the problem of extremely expensive storage did he realise there was an opportunity to disrupt the market. He found that self-storage was not a choice but a necessity and that most traditional self-storage companies were taking advantage of that by charging inflated prices. Jeffery began to work on Storage Shepherd with Max and soon became a co-founder. He said;

“It’s all about the community, bringing trusted & local people together to solve a problem that hasn’t changed for years. You see how Airbnb, Uber, & other similar companies disrupt their respective industries, and yet there wasn’t one for storage, until now.”

What now?

The website has now launched, and the founders have recently won a competition set by Sir Richard Branson. This has given the Founders a £5,000 cash injection as well as a chance to pitch the start-up to Richard in October.


Max said;

“This is such an exciting time for us. We have been working on the idea for a long time now and everything has come together. Our business is focused on security and making a real impact on people’s lives. I think Sir Richard Branson has seen that and it is unbelievable to get backing from him at this early stage.”

The pair are now looking for people to list spaces on their website to start earning an extra income. List your space at www.storageshepherd.com