What is WOTJOB?

WOTJOB gives anyone with an iOS mobile device (iPhone or iPad) the ability to record a 20 second video profile and use it to apply for jobs in the leisure and retail sectors. Likewise, employers record video job adverts to better inform job seekers about them. Where there is mutual interest in one another, we simply connect the two parties together. It is a quick and effective way to help match the right personalities with the right companies.

The UK leisure and retail sectors employ more than 5.3million people and annual staff turnover can be as high as 30%. This is because bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee chops and retail stores often employ staff on a part-time basis to reflect consumers’ shopping habits or they require extra staff over busy periods such as Christmas.

Traditional recruitment and advertising methods are slow, inefficient and costly so we have created a digital marketplace that makes finding the right staff or the right job easy.


WOTJOB is available to download from the App Store and is free.


How did it all begin?

Mike Jurowski moved into the recruitment industry in 1998 after qualifying as an accountant. At that time the most sophisticated technology used by the industry were dumb terminals with green screens (the younger generation will have no idea what these are!). CVs were most commonly sent to clients by post although if you were in a competitive situation you’d often hand deliver them yourself.

Next, we saw the introduction of fax machines then email, slightly more sophisticated databases and even the worldwide web.The web spawned a myriad of digital job boards where you could apply for a job with a single ‘click’. CVs were no longer typed on typewriters (with a bottle of Tippex close at hand!) but rather they were now produced using word processors and that meant they could be saved and instantly emailed to any number of potential employers. Like in so many industries, technology had completely changed the way we do things.

But technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate and many of these recruitment methods are slow, inefficient and expensive by today’s standards. The vast majority of us are never without a mobile device and today’s smartphones are immensely powerful devices. An iPhone 6 has the capability to guide 120,000,000 Apollo era spacecraft (those that first sent man to the moon in 1969) all at the same time!

Modern mobile devices have high-resolution cameras, instant messaging functionality and access to countless social media platforms and we believe that this provides an opportunity to advance and enhance the recruitment process further.

What now?

We launched our minimum viable product on the App Store on 17th July 2017 and have spent the first few weeks building some early traction with bars, restaurants and hotels in Newcastle upon Tyne. Those customers include Malmaison Newcastle,Fratellos Restaurant and Toro’s Steakhouse. Feedback has been very positive and we have learnt so much in these first few weeks about how we can enhance our offering and build more traction in the market.

Once we have refined the product we expect to roll it out beyond the North East and across the UK. There are also a number of other potential markets asides from retail and leisure where our technology will ‘fit’ and we hope to develop those opportunities in due course.

Website: www.wotjob.com, Twitter: @wotjob, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wotjob

If you are a leisure or retail establishment or if you are looking for work in these sector please download and start using the WOJOB app.