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Skills office is the latest company launched to penetrate the adult education sector with a particular focus on supporting small, new and employer providers with their Apprenticeship delivery. But what is Skills office exactly and how does it work?

“People are already confusing us with other e-portfolio and/or MIS (Management Information System) providers. Yes, we provide the first all-in-one e-portfolio, e-learning, MIS and CRM system on the market but that is only one aspect of the overall service we provide and doesn’t really say who we are or what we’re about” says Paul Conroy, joint founder of Skills Office.

“We set-up Skills Office because we felt there was a real gap in the market to help training providers to grow and realise their potential” he goes on to say. Paul set up Skills Office in 2017 with two other business partners James Billingham and James Neilands, all with extensive experience from the Adult Education and Welfare to Work sectors.

“Previously existing providers operated in the shadows of larger prime contractors with many not given the opportunity to grow. Primes often fail to provide real support, expertise and guidance limiting exposure to all aspects of audit, compliance and quality assurance for example. Hardly any support their sub-contracted partners with business development activities such as writing bids and tenders. But we do!” states an animated James Billingham.

Keen not to miss out on the opportunity to state his case James Neilands goes on to say “Essentially we work with each provider and take them on a journey of discovery in the world of government funded contracts and all that is associated with that. We don’t just offer a delivery platform or on-line database; we offer much more than that. For a start we will train all and any staff in any role from sales or admin through to tutors and Internal Quality Assurers. We use our combined forty plus years’ experience to provide an unbiased and insightful approach to becoming a self-sufficient and successful training provider.”

“And we don’t mind who you are or where you’ve come from” concludes Paul Conroy. “We are keen to work with new providers, existing providers and employer providers; in fact any provider that believes they have something to offer to the Adult Education sector should contact us. As a nation we should be encouraging niche, specialist providers to enter the market and grow. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case up until now, but we aim to change that”.

Paul Conroy, James Billingham and James Neilands are the founders and directors of Skills Office – a new service aimed at developing training providers and employers to grow their ability to deliver high quality, cost effective Skills and Apprenticeship programmes by offering support in key areas such as Audit, Claims, Compliance, Design, Growth, Inspection, Performance, Quality and Training. With access to Skills Office Hub, providers will also have exclusive use to the built-in MIS, e-portfolio, e-learning portal and CRM system. Skills Office offers a complete end to end solution simplifying the process of delivering ESFA funded contracts and minimising risk.

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