Having a marketing plan is great, but having a sales and marketing plan is even better.

I’ve worked with many companies in the past where the sales and marketing departments hardly talk to one another and when they do they whinge that the other is not doing their job properly.

For smaller businesses it is really hard to balance marketing and business development. Everyone’s version of marketing is different. For some it’s raising awareness, but for others it’s leads to follow up with a sale.

Lots of effort is wasted on marketing online for businesses targeting other businesses. People buy from people so having a friendly, human approach which appeals to the people you want to do business with really counts.

Our advice is to keep it simple and don’t forget traditional marketing tools like telemarketing to warm up your prospects first, then develop a content strategy around this using LinkedIn and a regular enews. It sounds simple, but small businesses time and time get this wrong and run out of time as they are needed back on the day to day running of their business.

Take a look at our blog on having a targeted strategy which we hope you find useful.