I was at the WIN awards on Friday 11th November and won ‘Best business network’ for Newcastle Business Mums which I set up in November 2008 while struggling with networking events, children and work.

I met so many inspirational women (and men) in business, and after chatting to many of them, realised like myself that they work with their other halves (whether it be husband, wife, partner) and they seem to make it work.

Some have an active role in the business, whilst others may take care of the children or work within the business as well as another job ‘during the day’.

Some people when I meet them I tell them that Mr Stone (Richard) works with me as a partner in the business now, and they say “Oooh, how do you work with your husband?” “Does he get on your nerves?”.

I’d say, it’s taken some time to get it right – he likes loud music and I’m always on the phone, but we’ve finally got that balance right and enjoy working in the same office.

So I thought I’d give you my top tips on how me and Mr Stone work together:

1. Have a cut off time in the evening where you don’t talk about work. Write it down and discuss again in the morning (made this decision after he said just as I’d gone to bed “did you email so and so?”)

2. Stop asking “How are you getting on?” while they are concentrating on some work. When I worked in advertising agencies the creatives hated their creative thoughts and work being interrupted. So why did I think it was ok to interrupt Richard while he was in the middle of some complicated coding for a website?

3. Try to make regular ‘me time’ for yourself away from the business together and on your own, and no mentions of work!

4. When you go to meetings together, don’t talk over the other person – customers might find it annoying or even quite funny (if they know you are a ‘couple’).

5.  Planning is so important – working from the same diary you must ensure that both individuals are up to speed on meetings/projects/communications.

We work with lots of  other NE businesses who work with their ‘other half’ but would love to hear from more to either share your thoughts with us on the secrets of your success and disasters.

Comment below or drop us a mail on vicki@stonecollective.co.uk or Richard@stonecollective.co.uk

Cheers 🙂