We’re pleased as punch to be working with Vi to launch their new range of cooking sauces and we hope you like the new packaging design we’ve created.

Perhaps you can help the dynamic brother and sister duo with their Crowd funding campaign for manufacturing equipment? Donate from as little as £10 via their Crowdfunder page.

More from Vi themselves about their sauces:

Vi sauces are packed full of flavour and suitable for everyone including those with specialist dietary needs Our range is designed to cater for allergen-aware diets.  Non of our products contain any of the 14 known Allergens as advised by the Food Standard Agency .

Our sauces are derived from our own family recipe and carefully adapted so everyone is included, without losing quality or flavour.  The whole family can share a healthy hearty meal together without the fuss of separating out meals for those with dietary requirements.  Having a food intolerance doesn’t mean you have to eat alone or settle for boring flavourless food.

Our Great Tasting Sauces:

We want to take your tastebuds on a journey.  Enjoy the freshest ingredients and learn about the origins of our famous dishes on offer. We pride ourselves on bringing you the authentic tastes using well sourced local ingredients.

Our First stop Vi  brings home the exciting flavours of Vietnam, bringing people together by drawing cultural bridges around the concept of food and travel.

Come and join us. Discover the distinctive and exciting taste of true Vietnamese Food.

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