Create new mystery screen

Digital Mysteries is the collaborative learning platform for the whole class.

Digital Mysteries promotes higher-level thinking skills and effective collaboration (for groups of 2-4 students) on interactive tabletops or PCs with multi-mouse.

Inspired by the paper-based Mysteries learning tool, Digital Mysteries was created by Reflective Thinking and uses state-of-the art technology to help teachers run better collaborative learning tasks. As a result pupils are motivated to share their thinking and enjoy solving mysteries.

The team at Reflective thinking have just recently launched the Digital Mysteries Authoring tool.

The Authoring Tool gives teachers the freedom to create their own Digital Mysteries and integrate them into the permanent library of mysteries already available. Users can also edit existing mysteries, giving flexibility between departments, years and ability levels of students.

For more information and for teachers to download a free trial please visit the Reflective Thinking website.