Digital Allies

With the use of digital evermore ubiquitous in our daily lives, the importance of organisations delivering a satisfying experience has become greater. Digital has become more complex.

There are many platforms and softwares available, coupled with the abundance of companies claiming they’ve got the right solution for your business; it can be a tricky minefield to navigate. Investment in digital is increasing, fast, and getting it right can have great rewards. Getting it wrong however can have devastating affects too.

At Digital Allies, we’ve developed our own guide to buying digital services and I’d like to share with you some pertinent points I feel are key to getting it right.

Don’t be too brief with the brief!

As the old cliche goes, ‘if you fail to plan then plan to fail’. We spend time with organisations to learn more about what they expect a website or digital marketing campaign to deliver. By really understanding the goals and objectives, you can turn that into a compelling and detailed brief which your chosen agency will thank you for. Clarity on both sides of the fence is a useful point of reference throughout the project timeframe.

Share your budget.

It is almost taboo in initial meetings to share what the budget for a project is. In my experience it is always advisable to have budget in mind and share that right from the get-go. Allow a contingency budget too. Allowing flexibility and creativity can lead to adding in options that you may not have considered, but ensure this is an additional ‘nice to have’ section of the proposal.

Meet the team…..the actual team!

When thinking of working with any 3rd party organisation its advisable that you meet the team who are actually delivering the project. Find out how long they have been with the company and how settled they are. The last thing you need half way through a project is the lead developer or campaign manager to leave the business. This can lead to break down in relationships and missing key project milestones. If possible, make sure you meet the full project delivery team too, a chemistry session is an advantageous part of the process allowing you to work out whether there is a cultural fit prior to signing on the dotted line.

Find out their capacity and size of your project relative to their average project.

Are you a big fish in a small pond or the other way around. You need the agency engaged with your ambitions and goals. Finding out how quickly the agency are taking on new clients can be an indication whether they are going to meet the KPIs set out in the initial brief. If they’re bringing on clients at a rate faster than they are bringing in new recruits, then there maybe some obstacles to overcome down the line.

Hopefully these have been useful points and I wish you luck on your digital journey, wherever that may take you.

Steven Parker is a Director of Digital Allies and can be reached on 0191 3082820 or