So, founder of Tipll, what’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Grant Thompson; I am from Durham City and over the past 12 years I have been involved in the Stag and Hen Industry either through a managerial role in one of the big companies or through running my own Stag and Hen business. I have been the man on the other end of the phone, giving you my experience, and using that to help plan and manage, what should, be the best weekend of your life.

As time went on I started to also look after corporate clients, planning their away days, corporate events, award dinners and general nights out, giving me a real strong chance to see the many sides of social events and night time economy.

From weekends in Bournemouth to wooden huts in Aveimore, dealing with individuals and groups in their quest for a good time has expanded my view on tourism. As I found what people want changes, when they get to somewhere they don’t know.

So, over the past 4 year, I have also been hosting bar crawls in Newcastle, giving people amazing experiences and leaving them with the memories they expected when they get off the train in central station, or the plane at the airport.

Below are the key questions that kept coming out no matter who was in the group:

  • Where is best for this?
  • What is the best place to go to?
  • Can we get into here?

Tell us more about Tipll

We’ve all been there before, a night out in a new city, with no clue where to go. But we always know what we prefer to drink. So let us do the hard work for you. Tell Tipll what you like to drink, and we’ll send you on a route around town that takes you to the places we know you’ll enjoy. It’s as easy as that.

No more wandering around for hours. No more disappointing experiences in the wrong bars. Use Tipll and spend your night out actually doing what you went out for.

And what’s more, with exclusive deals for app users in hundreds of bars all over the UK, Tipll will save you some money too.



What are the core fundamentals of the app?

We wanted to create a community within a chosen area of travel, which brought about the Slogan, “become a local in every city”

We want to bring back social, not in terms of social media, but actually talking to someone in a bar, club or restaurant, not taking pictures of the food or sending updates telling people how you are feeling when eating a chip, but engaging with your mates, friends and loved ones and creating memories.  See the very best any city in the UK has to offer in terms of WHAT YOU WANT ON A NIGHT OUT.




What’s Augmented Reality and how does Tipll use this?

Have you ever used Pokémon Go?

Have you ever been out in a city you know, but still, do not really know what is going on?

The Augmented reality allows you to just pick your phone up and look around and see Live promotions, info on what is happening, deals that are going on and generally just giving you choices. We will be the Pokemon Go of the night time economy, allowing you to have fun making choices. That is it in a nut shell, give you the users enough choices to make sure you can make an informed decision and love every minute of the night as it has been built by you for you!

Who is Tipll aimed at and who is using it?

Everyone over 18 can use the app and they should as we have agreed Tipll deals, promotions and discounts in the venues that have joined us, so not only are you being old school social, you are also being cost effective on your night out. We are all becoming so busy to even enjoy each other’s company when you do plan a night out, you want it to be Ronseal ”does what it says on the tin” and using the app will make it special to you with no extra effort.

We allow bars in the city centre to educate you on what is there, and available. Still at the tender age of 39 I am constantly finding new bars or pubs and I am over the moon, it enhances my night and I tell everyone, but how did I find it, 9 times out 10 through complete luck, or randomly stumbling on it. We can give you that info at the start of your journey!

The market is competitive for bars, clubs and restaurants, but the great thing about individuals it can be, as we all have different tastes, wants and desired on our night out. We just need to know about them and this mobile app platform helps you create nights out in an easy, cost effective and social way.

For more information on Tipll visit their website