*particular is an expanding legal practice that is built on a core identity conceived with one aim in mind: to transform the way business connects with legal expertise.

Every *particular adviser – including the founders – have signed up to a statement of *particular’s values and behaviours.  Each adviser has made a personal commitment to exhibiting those values in every professional engagement, whether with clients, professional advisers in other fields or lawyers at other firms.  We are fearless and charismatic.  We will display the highest standards of integrity at all times and will never shy from being utterly candid both with our clients and with each other.

Life within *particular does not suit every lawyer.  If you wanted to join us on a 9 to 5 day with a reliable cheque at the end of the month basis, this is not the firm for you.  But if you love your work and you have clients that are loyal to you, if you are prepared to give it everything in the knowledge that we will give you a greater share of the revenue you generate than you will find at any other practice, whether as an employee or self-employed consultant, then you will be happier here than anywhere else you have ever worked.

We love our work and we can’t help but exhibit our enthusiasm in everything we do.  In return, our clients value our input into their commercial strategy, not merely our advice on the issues that arise from time to time.  These are relationships fuelled by long term familiarity and the trust created by the highest levels of transparency in the legal sector.

If you think you might be ready for a change, if you think the legal sector has to change, then you’re right on both counts.  Please get in touch on 0844 7016010 or e-mail matthew.rippon@particularlegal.com.