Our top 5 tips for switching off work this Christmas




We’re looking forward to a ‘proper’ long  break this Christmas, after a year of hard graft for 2012.

After speaking to many of our clients, suppliers and our twitter followers, we’ve discovered that most of you would like to take a full 2 week break, but for some running your own business sometimes means you can’t.

So, here’s my 5 top tips for ‘switching off’ properly over Christmas.

1. Switch off twitter and other social media on your phone.  We love social media and it’s been great for business. But if you’re not working, don’t use it as it can be very distracting at times.

2. Adhere to a ‘no email’ policy – so no cheeky checking your emails. If it’s urgent, they’ll call you. Of course, if you run an Internet business and you have to deal with returns and customer service this may be impossible. Try to go somewhere remote where there is no WIFI (if the business can allow for this).

3. Make sure you finish your work and ‘clear the decks’ before Christmas eve. If you work from home, shut the office door and try not going in until after Christmas.

4. If you work with your other half, set a £5 fine for each time they mention work.

5. Enjoy time with family and friends and get some good sleep too. Your body and brain needs time to relax and recouperate, so try and get a lie in (easier for some with small children). If you need someone to ‘babysit your business’ while you’re on holiday – many VA’s can provide this service.

Have a super Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2013!

Vicki, Richard & the team