Howlett & Dickinson are a Podiatry practice on Ashburton Road in Gosforth and are celebrating 30 years in business this month. The practice was established in 1982 and is run by Podiatrists and business partners, Carol Howlett and Judith Dickinson, who met whilst studying at the Durham school of Podiatry.
Increasingly Howlett & Dickinson are treating sports people who come with various sports injuries. Through careful analysis they get them into the correct trainers and orthotics to keep them as injury free as possible.

Carol Howlett, Podiatrist and partner says – “Daily we treat a lot of different problems from routine nail care, callous and corn removal. We surgically remove toe nails under local anaesthetic.”

Carol adds – “With the general population becoming more health conscious, biomechanical assessment and gait analysis and the provision of orthoses is a large part of our work. We now have an RS footscan, a computerised system which produces comprehensive analysis for pressure, force, gait and balance. The information and our findings go on to produce custom made precision orthoses.”

Judith Dickinson, Podiatrist and partner says – “With the government’s incentives to get people fitter we feel we fulfil a very necessary role and in 2012 with it being the Olympic year we will almost certainly get lots of sport related enquires. It’s great fun getting out and meeting like-minded sports people and finding out about them and their activities and being able to help with any injuries. It’s very satisfying.”

International 1500m Runner and patient, Chris Parr from Gateshead Harriers says “It was good to find a podiatry practice with a sports background. Howlett and Dickinson really understand how important it is to get back on your feet especially when you are an athlete.”
Chris Parr will be competing in the 1500 metres at the Olympic trials in Birmingham in June 2012.

The job for Carol and Judith is very varied; from domiciliary visits for the patients who are too old or disabled to come to the surgery to corporate sessions, working with some of the North East’s larger companies at their workplaces.

Judith says, “We made the decision to set up in business, during a meal out with our husbands at the time. We opened for business on the 12th of Feb 1982 with 11 patients taking £52.00! Some of our original patients, like Mrs Abels still come today.”

Carol adds, “On our first day of practice I was very nervous, scared actually! So much so my mother came and acted as my receptionist! But it was fine and I ended up really enjoying it. Nowadays we have two part-time receptionists which we couldn’t manage without.”
One of Howlett and Dickinsons first patients, Mrs Abels says, “Howlett and Dickinson have always been very helpful, convenient, and they are very flexible when it comes to booking appointments. I’ve always taken their advice for many years and would certainly recommend their practice to friends.”

Carol concludes – “Our work hasn’t changed too much over the years, but we do more work with biomechanics and gait and there’s lots more competition these days. Despite this, job satisfaction is high, there is nothing better than relieving someone from pain or curing a chronic problem.”

Howlett & Dickinson are based at 25 Ashburton Road, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 4XN. For more information visit their website or call 0191 2843698