Colleagues on Tap


A trend for ‘co-working’ is gripping North East home-based businesses, providing that ‘missing link’ that makes home-working a great way to set up and run a business. 

 “Millions of people around the UK have chosen to set up and run their company from home, reducing costs and providing for an improved work/life balance”, explains Jayne Graham, Founder of Space on Tap, a company that’s been run from a home base since its start-up almost 2 years ago.  

“Technology has made homeworking feasible for a vast range of businesses, however although it can be a sound business choice to set up from home there’s just one thing missing;  other people!  We introduced Colleagues on Tap Co-working days to recreate the buzz of a day in the office for homeworkers and the feedback from ‘co-workers’ has been phenomenal.” 

The one-day events are run around the North East region in some great venues, and provide the opportunity to get plenty of work done as well as make new contacts, join colleagues for lunch and share business knowledge.  For details of events already planned for April and May go to  or email