Vicki Stone

Setting up our own business a few years ago, meant getting out and about to lots of networking events. So much so that we’d even go to the opening of a packet of crisps, if it meant being beneficial to our business.

Sometimes I’d come away from these ‘old school’ networking events thinking I’m never going to get any business and felt somewhat deflated. At first I used to see networking as a process with an immediate result.

The first year of trying lots of networking events out meant we knew which ones worked well for us, and more importantly which ones we enjoyed (and hated).

After 3 years we’ve got a really got a high level of awareness of our company and things like social media have really helped us achieve this goal. This was achieved from our consistent planned approach to networking.

My top tip is to try a particular network or event twice. Some people visit a networking club or event once after being recommended to by an associate or friend, hate it and don’t go back.

It all depends on who you meet and going to that first event you might meet someone who you think you would not do business with, who could be abrupt and rude. Don’t let this put you off. Try it again, and you might get to speak to someone really nice who you could work with in the future.

Face to face and social media networking have been key elements to the success of our business.  I’ve even won an award for best womens business network for Newcastle Business Mums.

 We’ll continue to network and buld up our associates. The North East is such a fantastic place to start and grow a business and on our journey we’ve met many exciting people and businesses.