After working most of my career with big brands with some of the best (and hard to manage – sorry guys) creative teams in the UK, it took my years of experience to ‘get it right’.

So I thought I’d share my 3 top tips for getting the most out of your (creative) team.

1. Get the brief right first time.

Make sure your briefs are watertight. Whether it’s brading, ad campaign, website all good briefs should consider the following:



•Target audience

•What is the single most important thing to say (core proposition)

•Support for this (research, features, videos)

•Brand personality

•Any mandatories?

•Timings and budget

The client (you) need to agree the brief upfront with your team. How many design options are you going to get at stage 1 concepts? What happens when it’s not right first time? Are the team going to charge extra or go ‘back to the drawing board’ free of charge to get it right?

2. Choose the right team.

•What are their strengths?

•Project by project or retainer?

•What’s their experience?

•How do they evaluate ROI?

•Can you talk to their customers?

•Is there chemistry?

•What added value do we get?

•Are they flexible?

•Can you trust them to represent your brand?

3. The execution time – be honest and upfront.

•Is it ‘on brief’? (the brief you all agreed at the initial brief stage)

•Does it need explaining? If you don’t get it straight away, it ain’t working.

•Be honest at initial idea or concept stage.

•If it’s not right first time, what are the timing and cost implications to ‘put it right’?