I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard MD’s, Marketing or Sales people say that their sales and marketing don’t understand each other and for some, they are so frustrated that they don’t work well together so have given up trying. Sales and marketing are two different things and finding staff good at both is rare, so a joined up approach with invested efforts from everyone to understand the differences will be beneficial to all.

Smarketing is the process of integrating the sales and marketing functions in a business. In B2B, a thorough understanding and good working relationship between a Sales Manager/Director and Marketing Manager with an appreciation for their individual crafts can achieve higher results.

B2B Marketing explains that Recent research from SiriusDecisions shows that when sales and marketing is aligned, organisations can achieve a 27% faster profit growth and 24% faster revenue growth over a 3 year period.

An amazing 59% response rate from a real sales and marketing team effort

I’ve worked when sales teams, marketing teams and the creative agency work together to deliver a creatively brilliant campaign, with staggering results. An example of this is when I worked as the agency, with an International forklift truck distributor – their Marketing Manager and a brilliant sales team.

B2B Marketing Direct Mail

We targeted their top UK 100 wish list prospects, with a quirky piece of Direct Mail, challenging them to have a re-think about their materials handling.

We followed this up with telemarketing, which lead to a 59% response rate, 50 appointments generated and £30million of new truck sales. The sales team truly embraced the challenge and worked closely with marketing and us – the agency, which was instrumental in making the campaign a success.





I’ve worked in places where marketing isn’t understood by sales and vice versa. If the left arm doesn’t know what the right one is doing, how can you expect sales and marketing to work together?

At Vicki Stone Marketing, we work with lots of SMEs and larger organisations and for some, who don’t have a Marketing department we’re their Virtual Marketing Manager.

understanding your sales and marketingWe work with their sales team, understanding their sales process, how they sell and what marketing tools and campaigns we can implement to work together to achieve good results.

For some other companies who have a marketing department, we help the sales and marketing teams bridge the gap between each department and support Marketing Managers by delivering highly creative campaigns.

It might also be that they need us to implement their strategy and make it work with their sales structure and process.


We’d love to hear if you have any experience of sales vs marketing or smarketing.

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