This month’s guest blog post is from our friends at Aero Networks and we’re talking Cloud and how consulting is a key part of the strategy.

When designing a Cloud Strategy, the initial consultation in many respects is the most important part of the process. Ben Curry, Commercial Director of Aero Networks’ said, “Assessing the client’s requirements, both short and long term, are essential when planning the transition to the Cloud. We view every client as being unique, rather than trying to apply a generic proposition. It is impossible to have an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution; it needs to be tailored.”

The advantage of using Cloud Technology is that the service aligns cohesively with your needs. When your organisation experiences growth, the Cloud usage increases seamlessly with your requirements. Initially a client may only need basic applications like email and data storage. If you then realise at a later date that you require additional services, these are then designed and integrated into your Cloud Service.

“The design process starts with a full review of the client’s current infrastructure followed by an understanding of their future aspirations,” advises Paul Curry, Aero’s Managing Director. “We then present a timeline showing the Cloud Migration path. We’re completely transparent throughout the entire process. We’ll advise clients which elements of Cloud technology are a good fit for them.”

Most IT installations can be separated into block components such as Email, File Storage, Connectivity, Business Applications & Bespoke Software. A particular client, they may rely heavily on an application which isn’t currently cloud ready. In that instance the continued use of an on premise solution would be recommended, whilst other aspects of the IT Estate would be moved to the Cloud.

“Consulting is a key part of the Cloud Strategy,” added Ben. “The client requires full sight of how the transition will take place. We take time to explain this and always communicate on a clear professional level. This is a great time for clients to make the investment and move their IT Services to the Cloud.”

Industry experts support the view that Cloud Technology is revolutionising UK business. The Cloud Applications and Services which are now available for 10-50 user organisations were, until very recently, geared towards large enterprises and the public sector. Not any longer. Aero Networks recommends that 2017 is the time to embrace the Cloud. They’ll design, consult and advise throughout the entire process.

“Awareness is a big factor when we discuss Cloud Solutions with clients”, said Paul. “Business owners and their management team very quickly see the benefits when things are explained clearly and concisely. We put together an easy-to-understand presentation and also provide demonstrations of Cloud Technologies that the client hasn’t experienced.”

Simplifying the transition to the Cloud is a big part of Aero Networks strategy. Many organisations generally don’t know where to start or which part of their IT operations can be moved to the Cloud. Aero’s structured approach towards Cloud Migration will clarify the requirement and give confidence to the decision-making process.
Paul concluded, “If you are considering or looking at designing a Cloud Strategy, please come talk us here at Aero Networks. We’re here to help.”

For more information on Aero Networks visit their website