Old hooverWhenever anyone asks me about the most memorable TV ad of all time is, I’d have to say Glade® Shake n’ Vac® “Do the Shake n’ Vac® , Put the Freshness Back ad, featuring actress and singer Jenny Logan.

My sisters and I used to pester my mum to buy it and we used to love singing along and using the whole bottle in one housework session with mum’s old skool Hoover.

What makes the ad memorable for me is the song was so catchy and there was no other product like it. They created excitement around using the product which was so much fun, (well, to me and my sisters).

So, how do you go about creating memorable marketing? It all comes down to having that one idea, that makes your business or product stand out. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, but if it’s simple and people ‘get it’ straight away, you’re onto a winner.

Having the right creative team in place to help you generate these ideas is so important. Some of the best ideas are created when heads get together. And that’s what good marketing and ad agencies are there for. It doesn’t just apply to TV advertising, it could be something really simple like an event or a piece of Direct Mail. So, if you’re struggling with coming up with the next memorable advert, a promotion or even writing a strapline for your business please do give us a shout.