It really does pay to listen to your clients and it’s exactly what we did to help our client ATEB suitability with their marketing.

ATEB suitability is an intelligent multi-product suitability report generator designed to offer Financial Advisers a simple, yet comprehensive tool that meets FCA suitability report requirements and streamlines their advice process. ATEB suitability will give Financial Advisers a smart, cost effective and compliant approach to producing their suitability reports.

In-depth interviews are one-to-one focused interviews, and normally the questions are drafted in advance and the focus is on qualitative responses for more in-depth insight which can be used by marketers to develop a clearer understanding.

We undertake many in-depth interviews with clients’ customers when embarking on a new project or campaign. Often as part of the full marketing and design communications picture, using historical data and insights.

It really does paint a better picture to help creative a strategy and approach for moving forwards.

On the back of this research we have created a number of case studies for ATEB suitability which are being used by their sales team.