As well as effective design and digital media, Vicki Stone Marketing also works on sales lead generation campaigns with lots of our clients across the North East.

Lots of our clients have tried all sorts of marketing and promotion (especially those who want to break into the coporate market), but have failed. They are great at what they do, but struggle speaking to the right people and getting that appointment.

One of our clients is a chiropractic clinic and at the beginning of the recession they saw the numbers of their new patients reduce significantly. This is when we came in, developed a strategy and key messages and we approached the corporate and voluntary groups and associations seperately. We helped indentify the right companies, organisations and groups, spoke to the right people and got the chiropractor in to conduct wellness talks. This lead to a 620% Return on investment which was outstanding value for money.

We’ll help you develop your script, database (if required) and do the calls for you on either an on-going or mini-campaign basis.

Or if you prefer, we develop the script, do some telemarketing training with you so you can DIY.

Give us a shout on 0191 213 5737 or email to book your January appointment.