Film is an all encompassing format, it has the ability to stimulate all your senses and the impression it leaves is second to none. We’ve all experienced this through cinema, and people have always found the value in using it for their business, however we’re finding that it’s becoming an absolute priority for businesses to use.

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At Ithica Films we want you to be able to shout about your business. With our specialist skills and expertise we are able to get your message across in the most powerful way.

Using our modern approach and full cinematography kit we create films that speak to people in ways they’ve never known, making any message instantly accessible, be that promotional, health and safety or training material.

The client reaction to this has been unbelievable, making the use of film a vital part of their marketing plans and is starting to change the business mindset away from a reliance on print materials and utilising the full capability of the moving image in our fully digital world.

We’ve found that the process we go through with the client to create their film is an enjoyable one for both parties and that our attention to detail through planning and storyboarding is something that a lot of them are finding to be rewarding in the time and investment it saves them.

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This along with our array of tools and techniques, our online review systems and our personal service is helping to really make them believe in film too. That and that they may get the chance to pilot our drone!

This has allowed us to grow our team, recruiting the talented Clare Baird as Head of Planning & seeing the first fruits of our link with Teesside University as film graduate Connor Chambers has joined the team on an internship. We’re also taking a leap forward in terms of facilities and moving to Teesside’s digital hub, Boho One in early summer.


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For more information about how film can be used check out our website or find us on twitter  and instagram