It’s a question we asked in our marketing lunch & learn last month.
“TV continues to thrive, following in the footsteps of traditional media that have been challenged by digital technology.”  – Deloitte Trends report 2016.

In an ever changing multi-channelled world, TV and other traditional advertising has had to evolve to keep up with digital, so it’s by no means dead. In fact, with the growth of VOD it means campaigns can reach target audience with relevant messages tailored to them and be measured effectively.

Benefits of TV advertising
Investing in TV increases effectiveness by 40%, making it the most effective medium (IPA ‘Effectiveness in a changing media landscape’, 2017).
TV advertising is great for raising awareness and/or increasing sales and it can really help brands stand out from the competition.

Let’s be realistic, with marketing budgets being squeezed year on year, marketers are under even more pressure to get ROI from their existing marketing activities. For smaller businesses, large TV ad budgets are non-existent.

This is where VOD comes into play.

The major Broadcaster VOD services in the UK are All 4, ITV Hub, Now TV, Sky Go, Sky On Demand, UKTV Play and Virgin TV Anywhere. Viewers can now get pretty much all the catch-up programming they could ever want, when they want it and on a device of their choosing.

Sky AdSmart levels the playing field, and makes TV advertising more accessible, regardless of budget.
Sky AdSmart now use 99 channels to deliver campaigns on Sky AdSmart, which now includes Channel 5.
Instead of mass market, Sky AdSmart enables different ads to be shown to UK Sky households watching the same programme. This means that ads are only served to the precise audience wanted.

They have over 1200 attributes and thousands of ways you can mix them to ensure your exact target audience see your ads. Geo targeting allows advertisers to select households within a region e.g. North East England, Metropolitan area e.g. Newcastle, Local Government area e.g. Newcastle City Council, or Postcode area; the first 1 or 2 letters of a postcode.

So what do we know about advertising?

A lot, actually. At Vicki Stone Marketing, we have over 20 years campaign management experience; from managing £6m media TV campaigns for National brands to £3k outdoor budgets for Regional brands (and everything in-between).

We have a senior team of advertising Art Directors and Copywriters who specialise in TV, radio, outdoor and digital campaigns.

If you’re thinking about TV or any other advertising for your business, we’d love to hear from you. We can show you some of the work we’ve done, and more importantly demonstrate how we could add more value to your campaigns.