It’s the thing lots of businesses struggle with and that’s creating engaging, meaningful content and keeping it constant, even when you’re busy.

At Vicki Stone Marketing we love to write content for our clients. That’s because they don’t have the time do so themselves.

Communicating consistently with your customers and prospects is key in B2B and B2C marketing is fundamental to success. If you’re a business with many different services, how can you ensure your customers truly know all of what you do? You might only sit down with them once or twice a year, a lot can happen in a business in a year.

For prospects, your website is one of the first places businesses check you out on, to get an insight into your company and what you stand for. If they visit a website with a news section with one article in from 2015, it can look like your company is lazy, disorganised and not good at communication.

Without fail we send our Marketing monthly enews and we try to write relevant news and blogs, which our subscribers like. Recently we’ve helped one of our clients HLA Services do the same.

HLA Services are the North East’s leading Air Conditioning, Climate Systems and Temperature Control specialists. They have 13 services which they deliver to industrial and commercial customers across the region and the UK. They have teams across the business who deliver unrivalled customer service, which they really wanted to focus on in their communications.

So over the course of January to date, they’ve opened up their doors and conducted interviews with their key management teams across all their services to give customers, prospects and associates an understanding of how each service works, why customers choose HLA and any legislation Facilities Managers and business owners need to be aware of. Read the blogs

It’s also important to think about the power of video and storytelling. Short burst videos can be extremely effective, by bringing a campaign to life and also relatively inexpensive to use on your website and social media channels.

If you are struggling to get a content plan and regular content out there. Even a bi-monthly or Quarterly enews, please get in touch. We have an experienced team of copywriters and bloggers who would love to help.