Primarily, I make cakes. Wedding cakes, cupcakes, birthday cakes – you get the idea. It pretty much began a year or so ago, when I decided to make my very own wedding cake (don’t worry, I was getting married. I didn’t just make one in the hope that if I made a wedding cake it would somehow lure in a poor deluded husband – I’m not that much of a head case).

Anyway, I made a 2 tiered fruit and chocolate cake and it was actually really nice. Delicious, in fact. So I started practicing; whipping up a batch of cupcakes here, a coconut sponge there, and I enjoyed all the adulation and compliments so much that I became a bit obsessed (and still am).

I think I must be a natural… Which is great because I can’t do anything else as well as I bake. I’m rubbish at drawing and I can’t act or dance. I sing like a cat being beaten with a slipper. But cakes, I can do (or make, I should say).

Yum yum cakes wedding cake 2012


Here’s a picture of a wedding cake that I made recently. The bride wanted a simple, contemporary cake and requested three different flavors; lemon, chocolate and fruit. So I happily obliged and I’m pleased to say it went down extremely well. It was a lovely wedding, too. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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