We have lots of clients who come to us saying they hate writing content. It’s important you do keep customers and clients up to speed otherwise they will forget about you. But how do you keep on top of it and write decent content?

  1. Know your customers – survey your customers/clients on a regular basis and ask them what they are interested in learning more about.
  2. Have a good snoop at the competition and see what articles are well liked/read and write something better yourself from a different angle.
  3. Research keywords to see what people are looking for and write more of this content. Use the Keyword planner
  4. In your team meetings find out what’s new/coming up and if it’s newsworthy you have an article.
  5. Test what works and the higher performing content write more of it.
  6. If you really hate writing or like many small business owners, you just don’t have the time – delegate it to one of your team or your marketing consultant.

If you need any help with your content marketing – either writing it or making it digestible in a newsletter please get in touch.