Customer surveyJust  how well do you know your customers? When we first start working with our clients, they think they know their customers, why they buy from them and how they like to keep in touch. But the harsh reality is that many don’t know how their customers feel, they never have an open dialogue and ask about what they could do to improve the customer’s experience dealing with them as a business.

What you can learn from your customers you can apply to your communications strategy and we do this with lots of our clients.

For example, we worked with a client selling their services into the education sector. Before we started the marketing plan, we conducted some qualitative in-depth telephone research with teachers. Even from recruiting the teachers for the research, we knew that teachers are hard to reach. We asked them about purchasing and how they preferred to be contacted by new suppliers. Then we built the marketing strategy around their needs and it worked.

Surveys are a really good way to find out all sorts of things about your customers or prospects, from anything like whether the target audience will buy into your new service. You can also conduct customer satisfaction surveys. You can set up a free surveymonkey account or upgrade to the Pro service.

Mystery dining research

We’ve worked with a couple of restaurants on mystery dining to find out what a customer experiences on a busy and not so busy night. The results were a really good way of identifying improvements to customer service – from being greeted quickly at the door to whether the food matched the description on the menu.

Businesses we work with have their own assumptions as to why their customers work with them. Often they will be pleasantly surprised when we reveal the results. By outsourcing the research, customers are more likely to give honest answers – good and bad.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any stories about customer research and how it helped your business. Feel free to comment below or give us a shout.