Have you every wondered how people that leave comments on blogs and forums get that little picture of them next to the comment.

If so read on.

Well this images is what they call an Avatar, and it is linked to the email address you leave when posting comments. It can help your comment stand out from all of the others. So how does the website know what the image should be.

Well first of all I better tell you how much it costs and how long it takes.

Its FREE and takes about 10 minutes to setup.

The best and easiest place to go to set this up is www.gravatar.com.

A few simple steps:

Setup an account, tell them your email address, upload the image you want to use (this could be your company logo or preferably a picture of yourself, as its more personal) confirm details and job done.

So you will go from


This not a huge thing but it is another thing to help get your brand/you noticed on the web. You decide which looks better.

As always all comments welcome.