Welcome to our Marketing Mondays blog post.

Every Monday we’ll be asking tweeps if you have any questions or need any advice on marketing topics -it  could be web design, telemarketing, networking, branding, design or increaing sales – which is what we do!

This week we’ve been asked for our top 10 things you could write about when writing a blog post.

When we start to work with clients, lots of them want to blog but feel unispired and stuck on what to write about. So here’s our list of 10 things you could write about (and there’s lots more):

  1. Give away secrets
  2. Interviews
  3. Case studies
  4. Guest posts
  5. Pose a question
  6. Challenge an idea
  7. Run a competition
  8. Show work done
  9. New legislation
  10. Run a quiz
  11. And one bonus – forums are a great source of information

We’re running a number of Business Blogging for Beginners workshops across the North East, so if you’re interested in coming along to the next one in May, please email richard@stonecollective.co.uk and we can send you some more info.