You have a Facebook account either a personal one, business pages or both.
You now want to start marketing this on your marketing communications, business cards, emails, brochures etc.

Currently your Facebook URL is probably something like

Not very memorable!

When you get your nice new FB URL it will look more like this:-

Much better….

So How do you do it and how much will it cost you?

Well it is a 5 minute job and it will cost you nothing, not a penny.

1. Log into your Facebook account as you would normally.
2. Go to this web address
3. From here it will suggest user names you could have or choose your own and see if available and also if your are eligible.
4. Choose your name and confirm.

That’s it for your personal account.

If you have a business page/ fan pages linked to your account you can change that here as well. Please note you need 25 fans of your page to be eligible to change the URL

Now away you go and claim your URL before someone else does.

For more help visit FB help pages

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Cheers for now