New office in GosforthRunning my own agency, new clients frequently come to us, telling us that their agency really didn’t ‘get them’. For some it could be a quick realisation that they’d taken on the wrong company, for others the relationship may change over time.

So, rather than harp on about how great we are, how we understand our clients better than their previous or incumbent agencies, I thought I’d share a few tips to help improve your working relationship with your creative agency.

1. Be honest in the initial brief. If you have an idea of budget it could help enormously, rather than the agency second guessing and over estimating and delivering something you couldn’t possibly do.

2. Be upfront and tell them if you don’t think an idea will work from the start. There’s no point in getting half way through a project, then having second thoughts. Go with your gut instinct from the start – any doubts, bring them out in the open.

3. Try an alternative location for a briefing if it’s a new campaign which is a bit different to what you’ve been doing. Have you ever tried a walking meeting or coffee away from the office or agency and a trip to the beach. Living in the North East is great with the coast right here on our doorstep.

4. The creative agency you choose should consistently bring new, fresh ideas to the table and not be afraid to push the boundaries and challenge you and your colleagues when they need to. They should give you butterflies in your tummy when they’re presenting work back to you.

5. Your creatives are key to the success of your campaigns. Look after them well, treat them how you’d expect to be treated themselves. Creativity is not a commodity – it’s a special skill that should be encouraged and celebrated every minute you work with them. Sorry if this last bit sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true.

6. And my final tip is have lots of fun along the way.