Effective advertisingI’ve come from a traditional advertising agency background, having worked on big TV campaigns for large brands like rightmove, National Express, Denby and Cat.

These brands relied heavily on traditional advertising and marketing. Companies can spend an absolute fortune on media, but if they fail getting the message right, results can be catastrophic. So, a good idea, with a high level of creativity and quality really makes a difference.

Here’s my tips on how ‘traditional’ advertising and marketing can work.

Direct Mail

A well executed Direct Mail campaign can achieve staggering results. The key to success with DM in B2B is that it needs to be highly targeted, with a highly engaging message to the right people, followed up with buy-in from a company’s sales team. I managed a Direct Mail campaign for a well known National forklift truck provider and demonstrated this by achieving a 59% response rate and over £3million in new truck sales.


An outdoor campaign can be cost effective for National and regional campaigns, but you are limited to a small number of words in your posters. Mix it with other local and national activity on TV, radio and press it can work really well and the beauty is that you can target specific areas. So, for example, if you are opening a new gym you can start targeting your target audience on their way home from work. In the past I’ve worked on a couple of large home builder accounts and we delivered many integrated outdoor, press and radio campaigns for new sites and this was a winning combination for site launches.


I’ve worked on many effective TV campaigns, including the re-launch of rightmove with Ian Wright (of which we won an IPA Effectiveness award). The right media buying, with the right clear message (and a large budget) can work wonders for a brand.

Newspapers & directories

Newspaper advertising is good. If there’s a need and the consumer sees the ad, that’s great. A client of ours sells products aimed at the over 60’s, so a combination of the local newspaper classifieds and Yellow Pages is ideal for his target audience. A constant presence in this media has really boosted sales.


Having a highly targeted campaign in the right place, hitting the right people is key to effective advertising. Again there’s no point in advertising a couple of times then dismissing it as ‘not working’. The old ‘rule of 7’ applies to advertising (but not always set in stone at 7 with some particular products or markets). If a prospect / potential customer sees your communication 7 times, they are more likely to buy from you. It all depends on who you are selling to and how they consume their media, which is important to your strategy.

In terms of advertising concepts, if you don’t ‘get the idea’ first time, don’t run with it. It’s cheaper to revisit the creative brief and have another go, rather than go with something half-baked that wastes your budget even further.