Blank canvas

It’s fantastic news when we spoke to a client of ours recently  to find out that their sales have increased significantly since last year.

And these results are down to hard work on their part and a fresh new marketing strategy they’ve adopted that works a lot harder for them than their previous approach. As part of that strategy they decided to be bold and do something that none of their competitors were doing, which has really made them stand out.

So, can a blank canvas approach to marketing really work for you and your business?

We meet lots of prospects and new clients who when we suggest new activity say “I’d never thought of that” or “Tried Direct Mail but it didn’t work”.

Well, most of the time these new clients may have tried by dipping their toe in the water with a new idea, but they’ve given up too early, maybe not had the courage to stick with it or was ill advised by an ‘expert’, which has left what they’ve done half-baked and a waste of time (and money).

How dressing up as a fish worked

fish spa

I remember when the whole Garra rufa fish foot spa craze hit the UK and there were fish foot spa places popping up all over Newcastle City Centre.

I think if I had wanted to visit one of the spas, I would have certainly gone for the one which sent a poor member of staff dressed as a giant fish (like one of those dogs in a Dom Jolly style outfit) handing out flyers on a busy Northumberland Street in Newcastle City Centre.

I know dressing up as a fish was a bit silly, but more memorable to me as a consumer (and the kids loved having a picture taken with it). I remember feeling sorry for the poor ‘fish person’ would make me feel more compelled to visit their spa, if I was going to visit a fish foot spa.

It’s all about doing something different to stand out from the competition.

Sometimes it’s about getting a blank canvas, flip chart, big piece of paper and just getting together with your team and your marketing person/agency and not over analysing what you’ve been doing wrong, but just sitting down with the aim of coming up with some new ideas.

As business owners or managers, you can be so busy working in your business, you don’t have much time to work ‘on your business’, so my advice would be to try booking some creative thinking time, away from the office and distractions and open your mind to new ideas.

You might throw some in the bin, but you might just come up with an idea that could really make you stand out and executed in the right way, could have a huge impact and win you some more business.