Geneius is an innovative food and drink testing laboratory based in Newcastle City Centre.

We provide the food and drink industry with a comprehensive testing service including microbiological testing for food safety purposes such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella; nutritional testing for food labeling requirements, allergen testing and meat speciation analysis for food authenticity monitoring.

Geneius in labGeneius was established in 2007 as a spin-out company from Newcastle University with the goal to exploit internationally-recognised expertise in advanced DNA technology to develop and commercialise novel methods for microbial detection and identification. After considerable investment Geneius gained UKAS accreditation in 2009, introducing a series of in-house developed food pathogen detection tests (Geneius rapID tests), which deliver extremely reliable and fast means of detection. Since then our services have expanded and we can now offer a complete range of food and drink testing services including microbiology, nutrition, allergens, GMO and meat speciation analysis. We will also research which laboratories can carry out more unusual analysis requirements, saving our customers’ much valued time.

Alongside our routine food and drink testing services, Geneius offers a specialist microbial identification service. This service uses powerful DNA-based tools to allow manufacturers to investigate product issues and quickly trace the source of contamination. These services have been recognized as pioneering by the founders of Innocent Drinks who have now invested in the business.

Geneius has transformed the way we screen our drinks manufacturing process at Innocent, saving our company hundreds of thousands of pounds already.’

Richard Reed, Founder – Innocent Drinks (London)

At Geneius we are quick to react to industry needs. During the E. coli outbreak in Germany in 2011, Geneius developed an STEC (shiga toxin producing E. coli) in house test within 4 weeks. The PCR method we use is now part of the European standard for STEC analysis. The horsemeat scandal took the whole food industry by surprise. The few existing laboratories which undertook meat species testing were overwhelmed by the demand generated by the FSA and the Retailers. Geneius is now set up for meat species testing using the most sensitive PCR methodology for DNA analysis of horse, cattle, sheep, pig, chicken and turkey.

The success of Geneius has been recognised by receiving multiple awards for business and innovation including ‘Most Promising Young Venture of 2009’ from the Centre for Excellence in Life Science and Healthcare.

We pride ourselves on not only bringing innovative and reliable testing to the food and drink sector but providing our customers with a dedicated customer service. Our trained staff are on hand to provide expert help and guidance to our customers.

‘the customer support we receive from you has been second to none!’

Stella Moon, Technical Manager – Binghams (Sheffield)

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Geneius is growing rapidly; we have increased our number of employees from the original founding three to over forty this year, attracting an experienced management and technical team with extensive knowledge and experience in the food and beverage industry.

Guest post from Gillian Aust, Geneius.

For more information visit the Geneius website.