In today’s economic climate it has never been more important for SME’s to not let their clients down and also find a competitive edge to keep them ahead of their rivals. For those companies that have field staff, Service Management Software can help them to achieve this by having effective management of their employees and improving profitability.

There are many benefits to using a Service Management Software system, listed below are 5 common ones from our clients:

1)      Improve your cash flow & ROI

The very ethos of service management software is to reduce administration by replacing paper records/forms with electronic systems. As the data is transferred in real time this allows you to start invoicing sooner, as you no longer have to wait for paper records to be returned, then have someone decipher handwriting and manually enter the information into your ‘back office’ systems. Therefore in addition to potentially huge administrative savings you can also be paid quicker.

As no two companies are the same, the return on investment (ROI) will obviously differ as the amount of cost savings and increased productivity will be unique, however a service management software system should pay for itself generally somewhere between 12 and 24 months.


2)      Keep accurate records

Service management software can safely store those all important customer signatures electronically, so no more wasting time searching through archives. You can also integrate the software into your suppliers systems so that you can manage your stock levels and have up to date pricing information. Likewise warranty/guarantee details can also be monitored, which ensures replacement items are not purchased when they could be replaced under the terms of an agreement.


3)      Improve your customer service levels

Most successful business want to give their customers the best service that they can, service management software helps you in numerous ways to achieve this. You know where your staff are at all times, so if they are running late for any reason you are able to be proactive and alert your customers in advance of the situation. Also all the data from the system is recorded in a central database, so any information required for a customer query can be easily retrieved thereby speeding up resolutions. The system can also provide your client with KPI’s in real time to show your compliance levels.

4)      Locate staff and manage workloads smarter

Service management software provides visibility of where your staff are and enables you to deal with additional/emergency work intelligently. For many tasks simply being the nearest to the vicinity of any extra work is not sufficient, specialist parts or specific levels of training may also be required, service management software allows you to select the most appropriate employee relative to the individual instruction, thereby eliminating wasted journeys and disappointed customers. As work details are sent directly to employees they do not need to return to offices to collect/deliver paperwork, this combined with intelligent scheduling of tasks can massively reduce vehicle costs and your associated carbon footprint.


.5)      Take on large projects and customer perception

As service management software is scalable and effectively manages your resources you know at any time what your commitments are so you can plan in advance for any large projects, and ensure the correct levels of stock and manpower with the correct skill sets will be available and not conflict with your other obligations. Also by using service management software you can improve your customer’s perception of your company as one that embraces technology and invests in its own success.






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