Just how many of those opt in GDPR emails did you get in April and May? Some cynics say it’s caused the death of email marketing. Maybe they are the ones who left it until last minute to prepare for GDPR. Many businesses went through the option of asking subscribers to subscribe back in and they did lose some subscribers, but on the brighter side, the ones who are subscribed now are the ones who are engaged and interested in what you are saying.

Email marketing is still a good way in communicating with your existing (and new) subscribers.

For something a bit special quite a few of our clients have turned towards printed newsletters and mailings. They show your customers or clients that you care enough about them to put some well thought out and presented (and relevant) news.

You don’t have to post them yourself. Using a mailing distribution company they will do all the fulfilment (i.e. putting into envelopes and sorting) as well as pre-print envelopes and postage which saves on time and cost.

Let’s face it, all customers/clients/patients are different. Some like a printed newsletter they can read over a cuppa, some check their emails on their smartphone on the daily commute. Make sure you ask how they prefer you to communicate with them and make sure they are opted in correctly.

The rest is easy. Relevant content in a timely fashion and you’re onto a winner. The overall aim – to be front of mind when they are ready for your services or products.

If you’re thinking of trying some traditional printed material to communicate with your customers, please get in touch. We love a good brief and we’ve created and delivered lots of Direct Mail and newsletters in all kinds of sectors from forklifts to finance.